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How to use the Echo Buds

The Echo Buds have given Apple’s AirPods a run for their money as some of the best true wireless earbuds on the market. Amazon’s proprietary earbuds cost a mere $130, which, given their top-tier features and resounding performance, represents an unbeatable value. With an ergonomic, comfortable fit, outstanding noise reduction, and hands-free access to Alexa, the Echo Buds provide an outstanding user experience.

Here’s how to make the most of them.

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What are the Echo Buds?

The Echo Buds are Amazon’s answer to the likeminded AirPods and Galaxy Buds, both of which continue to bring true wireless earbuds to the mainstream market. There’s no need for wires because the speaker, microphone, battery, sensors, and Bluetooth chip are embedded inside each individual earbud. They come with a charging case, too, which charges the earbuds and acts as a protective casing when they’re not in use. A single charge lasts about five hours, and the case itself charges via Micro USB.

What can the Echo Buds do?

You can use Echo Buds to stream music, podcasts, live TV, and more. They sync with your phone, meaning you can answer calls when they come in or use Alexa to make calls without using your hands. The triple-mic array lets you talk to Amazon’s virtual assistant without needing to tap on an earbud so you can change the song, add events to your calendar, update your grocery list, and more by just saying, “Alexa,” followed by the command.

The Echo Buds are also built with an active noise reduction system designed by Bose, which effectively drowns out external noise when you want to solely listen to your music. However, you can also use them on “pass-through mode,” which lets you control precisely how much ambient sound the buds allow through. You can control this feature via the Alexa app on your device.

The Echo Buds are also IPX4 water-resistant, making them more suitable for all-weather wear or workout use than some other, more delicate true wireless earbuds.

To see what else Echo Buds can do, read our full review.

How do I connect the Echo Buds?

Connecting a pair of Echo Buds is similar to setting up any Alexa-enabled device. First, make sure your Alexa app is open. When you first open the Echo Buds case, you should see a prompt on your device within the Alexa app. A new section in the app will appear specifically for the Echo Buds, through which you can enable or disable noise reduction and the microphone. Here, you can also choose a device to pair the Buds with.

How do I use the Echo Buds?

Once you’ve connected your Echo Buds, using them is extremely intuitive. Unlike other true wireless earbuds, you don’t need to press anything to access the voice controls. Just say “Alexa” and a command like “turn the volume up,” “next song,” or “call Mom” to carry out the action in question.

To access more nuanced or specific features — if you want adjust the noise reduction, for example — open your Alexa app and view the Echo Buds listing.

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