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LG’s lineup of 2024 QNED TVs now up for preorder starting at just $850

Those waiting in anticipation for LG to roll out its 2024 TVs got some great news today, with the company unveiling prices and availability of its OLED evo lineup, as well as its tailor-made soundbar. But the hits just keep coming, with the company also delivering preorder information and pricing for its 2024 QNED TVs that range from $850 to $3,300 in price and from 50 to 86 inches in size.

CES 2024 was awash in excellent TVs from all the big players, with LG unsurprisingly at the front of the pack with its innovative transparent Signature OLED T and wireless OLED M4. But not to be overshadowed are LGs QNEDs. Today, LG also announced its mini-LED-based QNED90T 4K range that is available in 65-, 75-, and 86-inch sizes, as well as the LED-based 4K QNED85T range that comes in 50-, 55-, 65-, 75-, and 86-inch sizes. They are all available for preorder from now until March 17.

These QNED TVs all benefit from an upgrade to LGs a8 AI Processor that LG promises delivers a 1.3x increase in AI performance over 2023’s a7, resulting in what LG says is “greater AI and graphic performance, as well as a faster processing speed.” Driven by the a8 processor, LG’s AI Picture Pro uses uses deep learning to do some pretty crazy things like identifying faces, objects, and scene backgrounds to intelligently adjust and fine-tune the picture to enhance textures and realism.

Add to that the QNED lineup’s Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro tech, which LG says “splits the picture into blocks and analyzes each in real time to detect the darkest and brightest areas, elevating each detail with precise HDR optimization to deliver three-dimensional image quality.” You can also customize the picture to your precise liking with a “Personalized Picture Wizard.”

Even the sound from LG QNEDs benefit from AI. AI Sound Pro can identify voices, sound effects, and other frequencies to optimize sound based on what you’re watching. This AI feature also drives virtual surround from the TV’s built-in speakers, and if you do go for one of LG’s soundbars, you can seamlessly blend and integrate the TV’s sound with the soundbar through LG’s Wow Orchestra tech.

All of LG’s 2024 QNED TVs use the company’s Quantum Dot NanoCell technology, which we know from previous model years offers up some of the best and most accurate color reproduction in the business. And local dimming means excellent contrast and deep, inky blacks.

This year’s QNEDs benefit from the latest version of LG’s webOS smart TV platform, which gives you built-in access to all of your favorite streaming services. You can also have up to 10 profiles that feature voice recognition and recommendations based on your viewing preferences.


The 2024 LG QNED90T 4K mini-LED TV.

The QNED90T range is the mini-LED segment of LG’s QNED lineup. These TVs utilize a combination of quantum dots, Nanocell technology, and LG’s Precision Dimming to achieve the brightness and colors that we’ve come to expect from LG. The 90T’s Million Grey Scale feature also does a better job at recognizing different shades of gray, and the TVs also have 20-bit gradation accuracy. All this adds up to excellent contrast.

The 2024 QNED90T mini-LEDs support Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG HDR formats, as well as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X (passthrough only). theyfeature a 120Hz native refresh rate, and gamers will be be happy to see support for ALLM (Auto Low-latency Mode), VRR (variable refresh rate), and, AMD FreeSync.


  • 86-inch
  • $3,299


  • 75-inch
  • $2,299


  • 65-inch
  • $1,8994


The 2024 LG QNED85T Series 4K LED TV.

With a bigger range of sizes and prices than the QNED90T, these LED TVs also feature local dimming and enhanced QNED color. They also are super low in their profile and can be wall mounted to blend in with you decor.

While they don’t have the Dolby Vision or Atmos prowess of their QNED90T relatives, there is support for HDR10 and HLG, as well as DTS:X passthrough. Happily, the refresh rates of the QNED85T lineup also sits at 120Hz native, and they have the same gaming specs, too, with VRR, FreeSync, and ALLM.


  • 86-inch
  • $2,799


  • 75-inch
  • $1,799


  • 65-inch
  • $1,299


  • 55-inch
  • $999


  • 50-inch
  • $849

All of LG’s 2024 QNED TVs are up now for preorder on LG’s website and will be available in March 2024. Anyone who preorders up until March 17, 2024, will get 5% back in membership rewards, free wall mounting or TV stand setup, and a free LG Smart Cam.

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