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We tried out LG’s slick new Tone Platinum wireless headphones

At this year’s Mobile World Congress Pepcom event, we were able to get some hands-on time with the latest edition of LG’s Tone headphone series, the new Tone Platinum Bluetooth headphones.

LG has had a lot of success with its halo-style in-ears, and the Tone Platinum are being billed as its most premium model yet. They’re also one of the most convenient, offering a slim and sleek design and retractable earpieces which easily extend from their around-the-neck band, then stow away again at the touch of a button.

Unlike some of the other models in LG’s Tone arsenal, the Platinum bear all of the controls on the sides, allowing for easy access, though the buttons are so similar you’ll want to learn which controls are where. The right side of the band houses play/pause and song skip keys, as well as the power port, while the left side allows you to control volume and field phone calls.

On the inside of each side are earpiece retraction keys, as well as a power/Bluetooth switch, which automatically launches the Tone Platinum in Bluetooth pairing mode, a handy feature. The headphones have a smooth, rubbery exterior, and are easy to put on thanks to a flexible axis at the back of the halo. The retractable earpieces zip in and out of the band with a satisfying click when you’re ready to put the headphones away.

To make the Tone Platinum’s sound quality as premium as the rest of the kit, LG partnered with Harman/Kardon for engineering help, added the aptX codec for higher quality wireless playback, and used balanced armature drivers to provide accurate and detailed sound. We got a taste of what the Platinum will offer when they make their way to market this year, and sound is clear and pretty full for such a small set of buds, offering plenty of bass without overdoing it. The upper register has a bit of a metallic tinge to it — something we’ve noticed from other LG audio products in the past — but overall, listeners looking for clear and balanced sound will likely be satisfied with the package, as long as the price is right.

LG hasn’t yet released pricing and availability just yet, but we expect they’ll be making their way to market sometime this spring, so keep your eye out.

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