Monster’s Dr. Dre Headphones Pump Out Bass

Having dabbled in rapping, producing, and running his own company, it looks like Dr. Dre has finally moved on to the twilight phase of his career: endorsements. Monster unveiled its bass-thumping Beats by Dr. Dre headphones on Tuesday, a pair of cans reportedly optimized by Dre himself for studio-like sound.

“Artists and producers work hard in the studio perfecting their sound, but people can’t really hear it with normal headphones,” Dre said in a statement. “Most headphones can’t handle the bass, the detail, the dynamics.” To imbue the Beats with those qualities, Monster used extra-large drivers, active noise cancellation, and even a built-in digital amplifier. Yes, these are powered headphones.

Naturally, they also have a rather distinct look, with a chunky headband, glossy black ear cups with red highlights, and a “b” emblazoned on either side.  They come packaged with a carrying case to keep them safe and even a Monster iSoniTalk headphone cable, which adds a microphone and answer button for using the headphones with mobile phones.

Like most Monster releases, this one won’t be cheap. The Beats by Dr. Dre headphones will launch in Apple and Best Buy retail stores on July 25, to the tune of $349.95.