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Behind-the-scenes look at Netflix's Beatles-inspired 'Beat Bugs' shows off guest stars

Numerous high-profile musicians lent their talents to Netflix’s Beatles-inspired series Beat Bugs, so naturally, the streamer is highlighting their contributions. With the show premiering today, Netflix released a behind-the-scenes look at Beat Bugs that features three of its guest stars — James Corden, Jennifer Hudson, and James Bay — talking about what makes the musical series unique. The video also includes clips from Beat Bugs‘ impressive soundtrack.

In addition to teasing covers from artists like P!nk, Eddie Vedder, Robbie Williams, and Sia, the video shares interesting insight on why the project is so special. Hudson, who has both an Oscar and a Grammy to her name, highlights how the series brings the Beatles to a younger generation. “You can’t be an artist if you’re not influenced by the Beatles,” she says.

Bay clearly feels the same way when it comes to the importance of sharing the band’s music. “That’s the greatest thing about all of this,” he said, underscoring how Beat Bugs brings the Beatles to kids in “a different way.”

The music was definitely taken very seriously; the project involved multiple orchestras, brass bands, and children’s choirs as they recorded 53 songs. And these musicians came up with some very catchy covers, based on what we’ve seen so far. The video plays clips of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, The Magical Mystery Tour, Good Day Sunshine, and .

Each of the songs inspires the show’s plot. Creator James Wakely explains in the video that he always loved to imagine the world created by the Beatles in their songs, and he wanted to bring that to kids. To do so, he developed a story that follows a group of five bugs that are “meant to reflect the audience watching them.” Throughout their adventures, they meet other characters, played by all-star singers, who contribute to the soundtrack.

Beat Bugs has already been renewed for season 2, and the 13-episode first season is now streaming on Netflix.

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