FCC filing indicates Roku 3 may be on its way

Roku-4200X-Mini-Media-Player-Passes-through-FCC-2With the exception of its Streaming StickRoku has not updated its media streamers since 2011, but it looks like we’re about to see at least one new model based on documentation filed with the FCC. The new model, which is currently being referred to as the 4200x (Roku 3, anyone?) is smaller than the Roku 2 XS with a tiny 2.25 x 2.25-inch footprint, and seems to support both 2 and 5 GHz WiFi bands. Roku is being rather tight lipped about the technical details, but expect to see an HDMI output, Ethernet and USB ports, and even more channels of content. The new model will offer 1080p playback and a Bluetooth gaming remote, unless something changes on that end.

Roku now offers more than 700 channels through its media steamers, but an official YouTube channel is still missing. Users have been waiting a long time for one and, we’re holding out hope that the time has finally come.

If Roku wanted to make its dedicated base really happy, it would upgrade the Ethernet port to a gigabit connection, and launch its own media server channel so that those of us with movies on a NAS drive could stream them without having to use third-party solutions. The fight between Roku, Apple, and Boxee is getting hot again, and it’s only February.

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