Samsung brings Spotify Connect support to its Shape wireless speaker systems

samsung shape system first ever to support spotify connect collab

Samsung announced today that it has integrated Spotify Connect support for its wireless multiroom Shape speaker line, making the M5 and M7 models the first ever devices to allow streaming across more than two speakers at a time, for both stereo and multi-room settings, according to the company. The strategic partnership grants more than 10 million Premium Spotify users the ability to control their Samsung speakers directly from the streaming service’s app.

Listeners can use the Shape devices (the $330 M7 was released late last year, and Samsung dropped the $250 M5 earlier this year) either alone or wirelessly with other Samsung devices, such as soundbars, home entertainment systems and Blu-ray players, via Wi-Fi to create their own customized multiroom audio systems. Users control the speakers through the free Samsung Multiroom app available for both iOS and Android devices (there appears to be an additional HD version of the app available on Google Play), which is further facilitated by a straightforward plug-and-play installation process.

Users even have the option of using the M5 and M7 speakers’ NFC functionality, simply tapping their NFC-equipped smartphone on their Shape to instantly play music from their mobile device.

The new partners also hinted at further plans to offer “various joint promotions” to its users, “both online and offline,” though the companies are keeping quiet on details for now. 

We’ve created a guide with pro tips for getting the most out of your Spotify subscription, which comes in handy if you’ve got one of Samsung’s Shape speakers and a Premium Spotify subscription.