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What color Sonos Ace should you get?

Sonos Ace.
The Sonos Ace headphones in black. Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

A lot of questions remain regarding the new Sonos Ace headphones. Chief among them is how do they sound? Next probably is why don’t they really take advantage of all the things the Sonos app does? (Or, maybe, what it currently doesn’t do?)

Those will come in due time. But here’s one thing we can gnaw on while we wait: Which color Sonos Ace should you get?

First, a little context if you’re just stumbling onto this. Yes, after years of speculation (and, presumably, development work), Sonos now makes headphones. We’ve already gotten a fairly decent first look at the Sonos Ace, and while the jury is still out on whether the new cans will make our list of best headphones, we came away fairly impressed. They are, first and foremost, fairly traditional headphones in that you can pair them like any other Bluetooth device and start listening, and then fire up the Sonos app to tweak the sound and settings a bit. They’ll also allow you to easily listen to whatever’s coming through your television — provided that you have a Sonos Arc soundbar. (They’ll work with other Sonos soundbars in the future.)

And, yeah. They look pretty snazzy.

Sonos Ace in soft white.
The Sonos Ace headphones in soft white. Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

But back to the problem at hand. Which Sonos Ace color is the one for you? The good news is that you have just the two most basic colors from which to choose: black and white. Excuse me — it’s officially “soft white.” Maybe slightly more on the gray side of off-white. And the details differ slightly depending on which you get.

On the soft white model, you’ll find chrome accents. But things look decidedly more muted on the black model. And it works.

But I’m also going to offer up a third option, one that doesn’t get used often enough. Considering that the earcups are removable, think about how nice it’d look if you went full panda. White earcups on the black headphone base, and vice versa. Assuming the magnets that hold everything in place aren’t affected by the color scheme, it should be doable.

You’ll just need two pairs of Sonos Ace headphones, of course. And lucky you, Sonos . And you’ll even save $45 in the process, bringing the pair down to (just) $853. You’re welcome.

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