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TCL’s latest Q and S Class televisions price Fire TV to sell

The TCL Q6 television as seen in a press lifestyle picture.
The TCL Q6 as seen in a promotional photo. TCL / TCL

The cool thing about modern TVs is that they come in all sorts of sizes and flavors. To that end, TCL has released pricing on its Amazon Fire TV-powered Q and S Class televisions (as we continue to wait on the QD-Mini LED fare).

“We are thrilled to grow our home theater portfolio with another popular OS in the North American market. TCL televisions featuring Fire TV continue our winning formula of high-performance display technologies paired with smart platforms,” Chris Hamdorf, Senior Vice President at TCL, said in a press release. “As a top U.S. TV brand, TCL is dedicated to innovation and of course, our users. Consumers desire more options and access to premium entertainment, so TCL is meeting their needs with our expanded television assortment.”

And with Amazon Fire TV built in, you’ll have all the same features as if you plugged in a Fire TV Stick — it’s just that much easier.

“We’re excited to expand the global reach of our Fire TV smart TV business by offering our first TCL lineup in the United States with the launch of the TCL Q and S Class with Fire TV built in,” Daniel Rausch, Vice President of Alexa and Entertainment Devices & Services, said in the press release. “TCL and Fire TV share the same vision of delivering smart TV models with the best in hardware and software design, and we know our U.S. customers will enjoy Fire TV’s intuitive, content-forward experience combined with the power of Alexa.”

Here’s where things shake out:


The Q Class, as the name implies, sports QLED panels. To oversimplify things, that means you get an LED experience (and price!) with some quantum dots thrown in for good measure. And considering the affordability compared to OLED, it’s still really good.

You can get any size you want, so long as it’s either 55, 65, or 75 inches, all at 4K resolution. Notable specs across the board include Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and HLG, along with support for Dolby Atmos audio.

The sets themselves sport “a modern, FullView metal bezel-less design.” You’ll also get Motion Rate 120 to smooth things out, if that’s how you like it to look, as well as Auto Game Mode. You’ll get three HDMI posts — one is eARC — along with a voice remote.

Here’s the pricing breakdown.

  • 55 inches (55Q650F) at $450
  • 65 inches (65Q650F) at $600
  • 75 inches (75Q650F) at $800

TCL S3 and S4

The TCL S4 is a slightly more affordable step, eschewing the QLED panel for a direct LED backlight with dynamic contrast. The 4K sets come in sizes of 43, 50, 55, 65, and 75 inches.

The TCL S4 television as seen in a handout photo.
The TCL S4 television as seen in a promotional photo. TCL / TCL

Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, HDR10, and HLG are all supported (no HDR10+ this go-around), with all the usual inputs and accouterments you’d expect from TVs at these price points. The Q6 sets all come with three HDMI ports, one of which serves as eARC.

And for those who need something even smaller, say, for a kitchen nook or spare room, there’s the new TCL S3. It comes in 32 and 40 inches and tops out at 1080p. You’ll only get two HDMI inputs here, and one is slated for ARC service. (No eARC here.)

Here’s pricing:.

  • 32 inches (32S350F) at $170
  • 40 inches (40S350F) at $160
  • 43 inches (43S450F) at $250
  • 50 inches (50S450F) at $300
  • 55 inches (55S450F) at $320
  • 65 inches (65S450F) at $450
  • 75 inches (75S450S) at $550

The Q and S series sets are all available now from Amazon.

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