Iconic Technics Pro DJ headphones return

technics pro dj headphones rp dj1250In honor of the 40th anniversary of Panasonic’s iconic Technics SL-1200 turntable system, the company is re-releasing and reintroducing its Technics Pro DJ headphones.  The headphones are a favorite among serious spinners and – though the RP-DH1250 and rP-DJ1205 models are receiving a skin-deep makeover via what the company calls “sleek new packaging,” the technical specs of the beloved headphones will remain unchanged.

In effort support a performer’s on-the-go lifestyle, the headphones are designed to be collapsible and are packaged with interchangeable DJ coiled and iPhone microphone cords.

Custom designed for DJ’ing, The brand will still boast sharp sound quality and swivelability, a feature that allows users flexibility in the way they listen in. To address the problem of perspiration, the phones are composed of water-resistant materials, and both models technics pro dj headphones rp dh1250utilize a closed ear design, sequestering sound so that nary a decibel escapes your ear drums. With a 3,500 mW power handling capacity and a 5Hz~30kHz frequency response, Technics supports high sound pressure levels and deep bass devoid of distortion.

As a final flourish, Panasonic included a 24k gold-plated stereo plug that is part aesthetic add-on and part solution to signal loss, as it ensures adequate contact with whatever device you’re using.

Panasonic’s Technics headphones are currently available for pre-order on Panasonic.com. The RP-DH1250 is priced at $270, while the RP-DJ1205 model will run you $230.  Both will be available in select locations starting October 2012.