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Raycon launches $149 Everyday Pro wireless earbuds and headphones

Raycon Everyday Pro earbuds and headphones.

Ahead of CES 2024, Raycon, the audio brand that gets a lot of love from social media influencers, has created a new tier for its flagship Everyday lineup of wireless earbuds and headphones: the Everyday Pro.

Both the Everyday Earbuds Pro and the Everyday Headphones Pro are priced at $149 and come in three color choices: white, black, or blue. You’ll be able to buy them at the end of January.

Raycon Everyday Earbuds Pro.

The Everyday Earbuds Pro are a significant departure from Raycon’s previous models from a design point of view. Instead of the usual stemless shape, the Everyday Earbuds Pro adopt a small stem, and Raycon says that their shape is based on international ear scans for “increased comfort for endless listening sessions.” To help with getting a better fit, the Earbuds Pro includes five sets of gel eartips and three memory foam eartips.

Also new for the Everyday Earbuds Pro is the availability of active noise cancellation (ANC), support for Bluetooth Multipoint, and a six-mic array. Raycon claims that your voice will be “glass clear” when using the buds for calls, but that should probably be taken with skepticism– we’ve been disappointed by Raycon’s call quality in the past.

The case charges wirelessly or via USB-C, and Raycon claims you’ll get 10 hours of playtime per charge, with 40 hours total when you include the case.

Raycon Everyday Headphones Pro.

The Everyday Headphones Pro have a new design that swaps the traditional forked earcup pivot for a sleeker, single pivot connection at the top of the earcups, mirroring the approach taken by Sony on its WH-1000XM5 wireless headphones.

The headphones offer more battery life (up to 60 hours with ANC off versus 40 hours for the Everyday Headphones) and support for Bluetooth Multipoint. Like the Everyday Earbuds Pro, the headphones are compatible with voice assistants, but triggering the feature requires a somewhat awkward simultaneous press of the ANC button and the volume + button for 2 seconds.

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