Amazon renews dystopian drama The Man in the High Castle for second season

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Amazon’s alternate history original drama The Man in the High Castle has been renewed for a second season, Variety reports.

The series, based on the 1962 Philip K. Dick novel of the same name, takes place in a reality where Germany and Japan won World World II, and the world is a very different place because of it. The U.S. is occupied by both powers, who have split the country in two.

A pilot for The Man in the High Castle aired on January 15, and based on the response, Amazon greenlit the series for 10 episodes in February. The series became available for Amazon Prime customers on November 20, and was apparently successful enough to secure renewal for a second season.

The show is produced by Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions, and is written by The X-Files writer Frank Spotnitz, who also acts as showrunner. We spoke to Spotnitz last month, who is very aware of the series’ sensitive subject matter.

“The reason to do this series is to reflect on the world we live in now. The subject matter is really challenging. It’s difficult, and it risks offending a lot of people too,” Spotnitz said. “I’ve been really sensitive to that, and tried to be as thoughtful as I can. This is a fiction show, but when you’re dealing with Nazi-ism and the extermination of Jews and blacks — people take this very personally.”

As part of advertising the launch of the series, Amazon used marketing materials that contained Nazi imagery on subway cars in New York City. Riders weren’t amused, and neither were city officials. Amazon pulled the materials after complaints from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and state Governor Andrew Cuomo.

There is no word yet on when the new season will air, but like the first season, it will consist of 10 episodes.