Vizio’s flagship Reference Series are the ultra-yachts of 4K TVs, and you can buy them now

VIZIO Reference Series Event
Jeffrey Van Camp/Digital Trends

The Queen Mary of Vizio’s 4K Ultra HD lineup, the new Reference Series, is finally ready for your viewing pleasure. The flagship TV collection became available at Best Buy’s Magnolia Design Centers for in-store order, starting today — all you need now is your Gold Card.

Boasting the label of the industry’s first-ever Ultra HD TVs with High Dynamic Range courtesy of Dolby Vision, the state-of-the-art panels come in just two sizes: the 65-inch version, and the mammoth, put-it-in-the-ballroom 120-inch version.

The TVs come loaded with pixel-packed Ultra-HD goodness, including an expanded color gamut, and a full-array LED backlight with a whopping 384 active LED zones, allowing for extremely finite backlighting that enhances contrast between dark and light scenes. Speaking of contrast, as the first to exhibit Dolby Vision HDR technology in a commercial set, the Reference Series promises extreme variations between the brightest and darkest scenes, with up to 800 Nits (the unit manufacturers use to measure luminance) of brightness, along with enhanced color shading.

To put that into perspective, most current TVs max out at around 100-400 Nits. The TVs are, of course, future-ready with the latest HDMI 2.0a inputs, which will allow them to leverage their HDR technology for the forthcoming 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players expected to land next year.

Other features for the Reference Series include Vizio’s Internet App Plus for top streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, the company’s top-of-the-line processors, as well as an integrated audio system in the 65-inch model, which includes a 10-inch sub, and dual satellite speakers.

The price for the latest hotness from Vizio? The 65-inch model is offered at $6,000, while the 120-inch is in a very different category, priced at a staggering $120,000.

If you’ve got the scratch, Vizio’s new Reference Series is available for order from Magnolia Design Centers starting today.