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YouTube TV is expanding multiview to more than just sports

YouTube TV today announced that it’s expanding its multiview feature — that is, the ability to watch up to four things at once — to more than just sports. You’ll now be able to add in shows from the news, business, and weather categories, so you can binge on those things even more than you already are.

The expanded multiview options — good for up to give shows at once — are rolling out to all users over the summer, according to an email from Google.

And as an added bonus, YouTube TV is turning on multiview capability for the standalone Spanish Plan (which has a few dozen Spanish-language channels and is separate from the main YouTube TV subscription), as well as for the Spanish Plus add-on.

And, we’re ROLLING 🔴🎥

Starting today in the Home tab, a small portion of members will see us testing up to 5 brand new multiview streams that will be available to watch 24/7 across news, sports, business news, weather, and Deportes.

— YouTube TV (@YouTubeTV) June 21, 2023

The multiview feature itself isn’t new. But YouTube TV first implemented it in early spring, just in time for March Madness. And it proved to be so popular that YouTube TV moved up its timetable for a larger release.

YouTube TV is the most popular live-streaming service in the U.S., with more than 5 million subscribers as of mid-2022. And it’s almost certainly going to see more growth later this year as NFL Sunday Ticket makes its debut on the streaming service (and also on YouTube proper). The multiview feature will be available there too, so you can watch multiple games at once.

The main YouTube TV service costs $73 a month and is available on every major streaming platform, from Amazon Fire TV and Roku (the two biggest worldwide) to Apple TV and Chromecast with Google TV, as well as other Android TV-based systems. You also can watch YouTube TV on a phone or tablet, in a web browser, or on most major smart TV systems.

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