16 Million Color Lamp comes with color wheel remote

16 million color lamp comes with wheel remote

If one color of ambient light just doesn’t do it for you, you might consider dropping a couple hundred bucks on this alien-like lamp that will produce just about any color light you choose. The 16 Million Color Lamp ($200) can produce an astounding 16,277,216 shades of ambient light, thanks to its four colored LED lights that put out 256 hues, 256 levels of saturation, and 256 levels of brightness. Numbers overload, phew, but all you really need to know is that this lamp can create exactly the color, saturation, and brightness of light you could want for any situation. Color nerds (we know you’re out there) will especially appreciate the handy color wheel remote that is included with the lamp. Simply align the remote to the desired position on the color wheel, and the mood of your room will follow. The lamp is angled to project onto a wall for maximum color and the lamp can also be programmed to cycle through soft, muted tones or bright, bold colors.