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Nanoleaf reveals four new Matter devices, including two smart lamps

Nanoleaf has been a big proponent of Matter, with a couple of products in its Essentials lineup already supporting the interoperability standard. The company today announced it’s expanding its selection of Matter-enabled smart home gadgets with four new products — two of which are members of the Essentials lineup, while the other two are stylish table lamps designed in collaboration with Umbra.

The Nanoleaf Essentials Matter GU10 and Recessed Downlight are the two products joining the existing Essentials catalog. Both work with Matter over Thread, allowing users to access millions of colors, Schedules, and Scenes. The Downlight is of particular interest, as it features a slim design that should easily fit existing cutouts for 4-inch recessed lights.

The Nanoleaf Smart Lamps placed on different tables.

While it’s great to see new Matter-enabled additions to the Essentials lineup, the newly revealed products designed in collaboration with Umbra are arguably more exciting. The Smart Lamp Collection includes the Cono Portable Lamp and Cup Lamp, both of which offer a unique “fusion of technology and thoughtful design.”

The Cono Portable Lamp supports more than 16 million colors, lasts five hours before needing a recharge, and is built in such a way that it can be angled towards the ceiling, walls, or even directly down at the surface it’s sitting on. The Cup Smart Lamp is even more unique, as its base serves as a storage bin for pens, charging cables, scissors, or any other small items lurking around your home. It also supports more than 16 million colors and can be controlled using Matter.

All four items are now available for preorder. The GU10 ships in early December and costs $50 for a three-pack. The Downlight ships in mid-November and costs $35 for a single light. The Cono Portable Smart Lamp ships in November and costs $95, while the Cup Smart Lamp costs $130 and ships in April 2024.

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Apple HomeKit users should be particularly excited about the LED Strip Light M1, as its support for Matter also means it’ll play nicely with Apple’s smart home ecosystem (which is another first for Govee). The lights are just as robust as you’d expect for a product from Govee, offering 60 light beads per meter, up to 50 adjustable points per meter, more than 64 Light Modes to customize their performance, and the ability to purchase an extension kit if you need more than the included 6.54 feet.

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