This 3D-printed estate features a pool, hot tub, and car port

There are all kinds of items you can 3D print for inside your house, but architect Adam Kushner and D-Shape Enterprises are focusing on the actual home itself. Actually, it’s more like an entire estate.

Unlike similar projects in Amsterdam and China, Kushner wants to make not only a 2,400-square-foot house but a 3D-printed pool, pool house, and garage on five acres of land — the whole kit and caboodle, in other words. Not only is the scope different, the technology and method are as well, he tells CNN.

The 3D-printed blocks are composed of sand, dust, and gravel, and are bonded by a magnesium-based material. The final result is an environmentally friendly “artificial marble” that has “a resistance and traction much superior to Portland Cement, so much so that there is no need to use iron to reinforce the structure,” according to D-Shape. If Kushner can get his hands on the enormous 3D printer soon — it is stuck in Italy awaiting military clearance, since it was originally funded by Italian defense agencies — he expects the Jacuzzi and pool to be done by December. The house won’t be ready until at least the end of 2017.

At MecklerMedia‘s 3D Print Week NY event, Kushner explained how his plans were inspired by his land’s rocks and topography, according to 3DPrint. “The materials on the site will be used to form the pieces of the site, which reflects the very characteristics of the site, which stems from the materials found on the site,” he said. “I think it’s a perfect circle.”

And Kushner has plans beyond just his own future home. “The thought is that if we can build a pool house and modest enclosed structure, then it is a short step to building emergency shelters and low cost housing units,” he said at the 3D Print Week NY event.

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