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Alexa launches Grow a Tree Skill for Earth Day

April is Earth Month, and in honor of the celebration, Amazon is teaming up with the environmental charity One Tree Planted. Through this partnership, Amazon will donate money to the charity to help with its reforestation campaign. The partnership will culminate in $1 million dollars donated, 1 million trees planted, and additional money from Alexa users for the rest of 2022.

If you’re not familiar with the One Tree Planted organization, it is a charity that has planted over 40 million trees since 2014. Since trees are essential in creating clean air and water, as well as a healthy environment, One Tree Planted wants to make it easy for anyone to help plant more. The organization has also been an AmazonSmile partner organization that allows Amazon customers to quickly donate to the charity when shopping on

Charity workers walking across a field to replant trees.
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Through this new partnership, anyone with Alexa capabilities can automatically donate to One Tree Planted by saying, “Alexa, grow a tree.” This command will automatically donate $1 from your default Amazon payment to One Tree Planted. This seamless way of contributing makes it easy for users to help restore forests and positively impactt he world.

Amazon has detailed some of the initial projects that will be impacted. The first is surface mine reforestation in Appalachia. This project will help reforest 34 acres in Pennsylvania that can no longer regenerate independently. Next isforest fire reforestation in California, which suffers yearly forest fires. This project will help reforest areas in Northern California. Fruit trees will also be planted to fight hunger in India. These trees will be planted across marginalized communities throughout India to help sustain a livelihood for people in those communities. Lastly, the project will help protect orca whales in the Pacific Northwest. According to One Tree Planted, planting trees alongside rivers and streams restores habitats for salmon and other fish that are crucial to endangered orcas that reside in the area.

This partnership and teamwork between Amazon and One Tree Planted is projected to help the charity through December 2022. To make a donation, just talk to whichever Alexa device you have in your home.

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