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Here are the five new Amazon Echo devices available now

Right after Google drops a whole bunch of devices on the market, Amazon has released its new gizmos to customers this week. Here’s what’s available right now, what the new devices do, and what you’re going to pay.

Echo Show ($230)

The Echo Show is about to bump up against the newly announced Google Home Hub and all its new bells and whistles, but Amazon is still ahead of the curve when it comes to smart displays. The latest model has a 10-inch screen, an improved speaker, and includes a built-in smart home hub. It’s here for $230.

Echo Show
Dan Baker/Digital Trends

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Echo Dot ($50)

It’s been a couple years since Amazon’s most popular Alexa device got a face-lift, and the new Dot is pretty incredible. It’s hybrid of its previous form and a Google Home Mini, with fabric around the edges. We got to listen to the device during testing and were blown away by the improvement in sound quality. We’re pretty excited about the 3.0 version.

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Echo Sub ($130)

If you already have an Amazon Echo, the Echo Sub is an add-on subwoofer made especially for audiophiles. The subwoofer will make your music-listening experience all the better. It starts shipping today for $130. Note that the sub is not an Alexa speaker on its own, as you need an Echo speaker in order to set up multi-room audio. Amazon’s Echo Sub features a 100-watt amp and down-firing 6-inch driver, as expected from the leak. Users will simply add the sub to Echo speakers using the Alexa app. Stereo pairing of two of the same Echo speakers will also be available.

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Echo Plus ($150)

Amazon is rolling out a new Echo Plus that is basically a redesign that brings the device more in line with what the rest of the Echo devices now look like. The new Echo Plus drops today for $150, and is shorter and squatter than its predecessor. In addition to the built-in smart home hub, the newest device also includes a sensor and improved sound. For a limited time, your purchase comes with a Philips Hue light bulb.

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Smart Plug ($25)

It’s a real thing now! Smart home newbies look for value and immediate function, which makes the Amazon Smart Plug a logical addition to the Alexa world. You’ll be able to name the plugs what you wish, so Alexa knows which device you are trying to control. The plug goes for $25 and — through another Alexa-enabled device or the Alexa app — will allow voice control of things like lamps, air conditioners, coffee makers, and pretty much anything else you just want to turn on or off with voice.

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Updated on October 12, 2018: The devices are now available. 

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