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Amazon Echo Flex gains smart clock add-on for timekeeping

The Amazon Echo Flex is a great solution for bringing Alexa into spaces where a larger device might not be feasible, like the garage, narrow hallway, or smaller kitchen. While Alexa can verbally tell you the time and countdown a timer, sometimes it’s just simpler to see it. That’s where a new clock add-on for the Echo Flex comes to the rescue by displaying a timer for you.

The add-on plugs into the underside of the Flex through USB and draws all the power it needs from the Flex. No need for batteries. Alexa can switch between 12- and 24-hour formats. It also has a light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness, but if the timer isn’t visible enough, you can manually adjust the brightness. You can set up to 20 different timers just by saying, “Alexa, set a timer for XX minutes.” The Echo Flex may not be able to display recipes, but seeing your cooking timer at a glance is a huge benefit for home chefs.

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The clock add-on joins a lineup of existing devices that include a nightlight and a motion sensor. However, because they all attach via USB, only one add-on can be used at a time. You could say that the Amazon Echo Flex is one of the most versatile Alexa-enabled devices for the home because of this feature. The clock can be pre-ordered for $15 on Amazon and is slated to release on August 11. On its own, the Echo Flex is $25. Combining it with the clock add-on brings the total to $40, but that’s still a $20 savings over the purchase of the Echo Dot With Clock.

This new add-on is perfect for someone looking for utility in their smart home devices, but don’t expect your favorite songs to sound great while you’re cooking. The Echo Flex lags behind its cousins in terms of audio quality, producing a more tinny sound versus even the Echo Dot. If audio quality is important to you, you will want to look to one of the smart displays or the Amazon Echo Studio. Nevertheless, the convenience of quickly being able to glance at something to tell the time or timer countdown is valuable for many.

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