The place is a rockin’, don’t bother knockin’: August smart lock now works with Apple Watch

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Smart door locks are meant to make your life a little easier, by letting you skip the whole fumbling-for-your-keys moment as you search through your giant messenger bag while holding coffee. August just added support for the Apple Watch, which means it’s even easier for owners of the wearable to get through the door.

Using the iOS app, you can see whether your door is locked or unlocked in the Glances menu and get notifications when someone opens the door. August replaces standard deadbolts and works by Bluetooth. When a trusted phone is in range, the lock opens. Owners can sends invites to guests using a smartphone app. If users want to control the lock remotely, they’ll need the $50 Wi-Fi hub.

The Watch app is a little superfluous at this point. It’s not like you need to whip out your phone when you’re approaching your lock now, and the Watch app works by making connecting via Bluetooth to your iPhone, which then makes a Bluetooth connection to the August. Still, if someone does manage to open your door, you’ll get that notification on your wrist, which might give you a bit of peace of mind.

The $250 smart lock is the first to offer this functionality; considering it’s been available in Apple stores since it first debuted last year, that’s not all that surprising. However, though August is working on becoming compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, it’s not quite there yet.

August joins other smart-home apps for the Apple Watch, including Honeywell, WithingsIFTTT, ecobee, Insteon, and SmartThings. That means you can now control your lights, thermostat, and locks, all from your wrist. It might not be enough to shell out hundreds of dollars for a watch, but if you do decide to get one, it could make your life a little more hands-free.