Door’s open! WiFi video doorbell also opens or locks up your abode from anywhere

blueguard wifi video doorbell with lock features

There are smart locks. There are smart doorbells. Now there’s a device that combines both, Lark-wi‘s Blueguard.

At your doorstep, choose one of two ways to gain entry. Touch to input a preset code on the Blueguard deadbolt, and then press the unlock button to open. Or, as you near your door and are within range, the gadget unlocks it hands-free, using your smartphone or Bluetooth fob.

If visitors come a-ringing, the device can welcome them into your home… or not. A motion-sensor feature alerts you to the arrival of callers, and two-way communication lets you to see, talk with, and video people through your iOS or Android device thanks to a color video camera, high-sensitivity microphone, and speaker. At night, a Bluetooth smart bulb ignites to light your way.

While away from home, review photos of those who enter or leave using a record log, accessible through your smartphone. For homes with more than one Blueguard, the devices will automatically sync together.

Lark-wi says it’s easy to install: Standard batteries are required, as is a screwdriver for set-up.

With over $11,500 raised on indiegogo (far surpassing its $6,000 goal), most of the early-bird options are gone. Right now, you can get two Blueguard packages for $278, which includes LED light bulbs.

Blueguard Smart Doorbell and Lock BackWe’ll offer a word of caution on this one: This Indiegogo campaign isn’t the slickest we’ve seen. Blueguard is written as “Blue guard” at least once, the video is pretty low production value, and the lock in the accompanying photo looks pretty beaten up. All that obviously hasn’t dissuaded a lot of backers, though.