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Lockly Vision is a smart lock with an integrated video doorbell

At CES 2020, Lockly announced the launch of its newest product, Lockly Vision. Vision has quickly become one of Digital Trends’ favorite smart locks of the event. This smart lock has a built-in HD video doorbell. Users can watch the video in real-time on their phone using the Lockly app, or they can save the videos locally or in the cloud. The lock also provides two-way communication. When someone comes to the door you can talk with them using the app, no matter if you’re home or not.

“These security features allow homeowners and rental property managers to further safeguard their properties from unsolicited visitors, potential burglars, theft, and more, by easily identifying who is at the doorstep before opening the door,” the company said in a press release.

The Lockly Vision Smart Lock was selected by our editors as the best product in the Smart Home category at CES 2020. Check out more of our Top Tech of CES Award winners.
Best of CES 2020 Smart Home
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Vision can even tell you whether or not someone has tampered with your door lock and offers you five different options to unlock the door. These options include a biometric fingerprint reader for keyless entry (the device can store up to 99 different fingerprints), voice automation with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit devices, and offline access codes for when the internet is down. You can also send digital codes or access keys to others remotely using the app. These keys can be set for one-time-use, or to only work during certain times of day.

Lockly Vision on brown door

“We wanted to create a smart lock that provides unparalleled access and convenience from anywhere around the world,” said Lockly founder and CEO Lee Zheng. “Consumers have voiced their concerns with doorbell mounted cameras being at the wrong angle, extremely slow, and often incompatible with household wiring. We are filling a void in the marketplace by offering a true wireless solution that combines an advanced smart lock and an HD camera to capture real-time video directly in front of the door.

“Whether it’s to ask a delivery agent to place your package behind a plant or provide a temporary access code to groundskeepers, the potential of Lockly Vision is truly limitless and ensures that users have ultimate control over who comes and goes.”

Maybe one of the best features of the Lockly Vision is that it can be installed with tools you probably already have in around 15 minutes.

Lockly Vision, as well as the other Lockly line of smart locks, are available in satin nickel and matte black finishes. You’ll be able to pre-order it on Tuesday, January 7, at for a suggested retail price of $399.

In addition to that, Lockly teased another upcoming smart lock it’s working on right now. This yet-to-be-named smart lock is unique in that it combines a deadbolt lock and knob into one, offering homeowners the ability to quickly lock or unlock their doors. Rather than having to move a latch to activate the deadbolt, the mechanism seems to be integrated into the motion of the knob.

When you’re leaving, a quick counterclockwise movement with the knob locks the deadbolt. Using either the digital keypad or fingerprint sensor, it’ll unlock itself — then you perform the same counterclockwise motion on the inside to lock the door. There’s no word on pricing or availability, but it’s a solution that streamlines the process.

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