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The Infinity Pitcher will order a new filter for you online, just before the old one goes bad

There’s nothing like good, clean water — but sometimes, life gets in the way and we forget to change that darn filter. Now, H2O enthusiasts won’t need to keep tabs on when to order a new water filter thanks to Brita’s new “smart” water purifier, the Infinity Pitcher.

In partnership with Amazon Dash Replenishment, buyers of the new Brita Infinity pitcher would need to activate the product on the company’s registry platform. The pitcher is built with Wi-Fi capabilities and a tracking device that monitors the amount of water that passes through the filter. After reaching its capacity at about 40 gallons of water, the smart pitcher then notifies Amazon Dash Replenishment for a replacement filter and it will automatically order a new filter at the price of $6.

With this convenience, users will always have a new filter when its needed. Though the service is automatic, buyers are in full control of managing filter orders and deliveries at any time. “People buy Brita pitchers because they want cleaner, great-tasting water from any tap, but the challenge is remembering to have that replacement filter on-hand, just when you need it,” said Ed Huber, Brita’s general manager. “We saw an opportunity to work with Amazon to make keeping up-to-date on filter changes effortless for Brita users. By integrating Wi-Fi connectivity into this pitcher so it can connect with Amazon Dash Replenishment, we’ve created an elegant, simple solution to eliminate that moment when you realize you didn’t re-order your filter.”

Last year, Amazon introduced its Dash Replenishment program, designed to automatically order goods from Amazon when they’re running low. “With the Brita Infinity Pitcher and Amazon Dash Replenishment, customers will always have clean, great-tasting water. That moment of realizing you haven’t changed your filter in months, and you don’t have one on-hand, is gone—a new filter magically appears on a customer’s doorstep right when it’s needed,” said Daniel Rausch, Director, Amazon Devices.

Brita’s Infinity pitcher is now available on Amazon for $45.

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