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Sleep cheek to cheek with the bootyful Buttress pillow

Oh. My. God. Look at that butt — on your duvet cover.

In what can only be described as the nadir of our ingenuity, some bright mind has designed and developed a pillow in the shape of a butt. The Buttress looks remarkably like your Gluteus maximus (if you do a lot of squatting and working out in general), so even if you don’t decide to sleep on or with the butt pillow, it might provide some inspiration for what your rear end could look like — if you actually got your head off the pillow and into the gym.

“One day not too long ago, while laying down to take a nap after speaking with my woman, I felt like I would sleep a lot easier if I had my hand placed tenderly on her butt,” begins the explanation of the rationale behind the Buttress. Operating under the assumption that everyone in the world likes butts (unclear how true this really is), the team behind the Buttress determined that plenty of people around the world could “benefit from having a beautiful life-size butt nearby as they are laying down getting ready for sleep.”

The life-size Buttress is a natural latex butt pillow and support. As it stands, it will be made available in the Original Double Bubble (ODB) size, as alas, Kickstarter backers did not quite help achieve the $50,000 target that would’ve allowed for the manufacturing of the Oh My God Look at that Butt (OMG) size.

All Buttress’ will come with a basic black, aqua, or white spandex yoga pant-like pillow cover, because you can’t allow your pillow to go bare-butt around your home. If you want to carry your butt pillow around, Buttress has you covered — the product comes with an adjustable strap and an “easy-clean Buttress case.”

If you really want to get weird, you can even dress up your Buttress with your own underwear. It remains to be seen what purpose this could possibly serve, but you’re the type of person who wants to buy a life-sized butt, maybe you’re also the sort of person who wants to dress it up with your own unmentionables.

While we haven’t tried out a Buttress ourselves, the bright minds behind the pillow claim that “everyone in our diverse group of friends smiled when they first beheld the natural, pleasing form of the Buttress.” It apparently works well as a back support and, as luck would have it, an actual pillow. Specifically, the team noted, “The two-part interior design of the Buttress allows the thighs and cheeks to comfortably cradle your head. It’s like getting a nice hug for your neck, spine, and skull.” And because of its rather unique shape, you should be able to position to Buttress in several different orientations depending on how you sleep.

The Buttress managed to raise more than $40,000 on Indiegogo (where you can still pledge to its campaign) in addition to the $18,000 it raised on Kickstarter. With two successful crowdfunding campaigns, the Buttress should be shipping in June.

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