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Casper and American Airlines want you to sleep better on your next flight

Casper and American Airlines
Sleeping on an airplane may not be an impossible task any longer. That is, if Casper has anything to say about it. The company that first popularized beds in boxes is now thinking about beds in cylindrical flying objects by providing bedding for American Airlines beginning in December. So if you’re planning on doing any holiday traveling, consider this an early present.

Before you get too excited, we should preface all this by saying that you’ll have to pay a price for Casper’s comfort. The company’s line of products will be made available exclusively to first, business, and premium economy passengers on international and transcontinental flights. But if you do find yourself on a long-haul flight (and in a cabin other than economy), you’ll be able to take advantage of Casper’s new mattress pads for premium seats, pillows, lumbar pillows, pillow cases, duvets, blankets, and even pajamas and slippers, to help you get from Point A to Point B in as relaxing a fashion as possible.

The bedding company claims to be leveraging “years of sleep research” to the air travel space, helping you make the most out of your (long) time in the skies. While there are a total of eight new products as part of this partnership, Casper notes that the specific sleep aids available will vary by flight, depending upon the time in the air and the type of aircraft.

Apparently, Casper and American Airlines have already begun testing some of these products on a few passengers, particularly those who had to endure time-intensive flights from Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand. Feedback from these folks helped Casper determine the pillow with the most support and breathability, find the fluffiest and most comfortable duvets, and more.

“Customers and crew members who tried Casper on our flights said they loved it,” said Kurt Stache, American Airlines senior vice president for Marketing, Loyalty & Sales. “Casper has set a new standard for premium sleep products and our new line showcases their attention to detail and design, and their commitment to providing the best rest possible for American Airlines customers.”

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