Bring your kitchen into the 21st century with the Chef Collection from Samsung

Samsung Chef Collection

Sometimes, the best appliances are the kinds you can’t take with you when you move. At least, that will be the case with the latest line to come out of Samsung. The South Korean company’s new Chef Collection line features a number of built-in appliances, including a refrigerator, wall oven, cooktop, and dishwasher, all of which are Wi-Fi-enabled. And these appliances may be enough to convince you to never move out of your home.

The new Chef Collection features two new fully integrated, built-in refrigerators, including a 42-inch version that boasts four doors and a FlexZone compartment that can transition from a fridge to a freezer with just the touch of a button. There’s also the 36-inch built-in fridge that comes with a Metal Cooling stainless steel interior and Samsung’s TwinCooling feature that promises to keep food fresher for longer.

Then, there’s Samsung’s new line of cooking appliances, including a new Chef Collection Wall Oven series, which are available in both single and double models; and 30- and 36-inch range hoods that automatically turn on when they sense that their partner range or cooktop is in use. In fact, these hoods will even change fan speed thanks to their Heat Sensing feature, as it automatically adjusts itself based on the amount of heat being generated.

As for Samsung’s new Chef Collection Dishwasher, you can look forward to WaterWall 2.0 technology that promises a “streaming wall of water for corner to corner cleaning,” as well as a new Chef Mode that promises to work extra hard on particularly dirty pots and pans. And when a cycle is finished, the AutoRelease Door of this new dishwasher will automatically open to help circulate air and improve overall drying.

The entirety of this new Chef Collection will be made available later this year.

While the arrival of these new appliances may seem exciting, savvy home owners are likely cowering at the thought of extensive installation times and repair work. But never fear: Samsung claims that it’s making this process easier than ever. With predrilled holes and easy leveling, you won’t have to fumble over your new dishwasher or range — you’ll be able to handle putting these guys in (almost) by yourself. And because these appliances are Wi-Fi enabled, installers can also run remote diagnostic checks to make sure everything is functioning properly.