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These tiny pieces of ‘fruit’ from Chipolo keep tabs on your belongings

Keeping tabs on your keys, your wallet, or your other important possessions has never been quite this cute. Chipolo has introduced a new accessory for the summer, and it’s not a handbag or a bathing suit — it’s a Bluetooth tracker. And while these little devices are certainly aesthetically pleasing with their fruit-themed designs, they’re more than just something to look at. Rather, they’re here to help prevent you from looking for your lost property.

The new fruit-themed trackers come in watermelon, kiwi, lemon, and dragon fruit designs, and are decidedly more colorful than other trackers on the market (including Chipolo’s own). Of course, being a bit more eye-catching will likely help you keep track of everything you need, but if that’s not enough, the technology embedded within the Chipolos will help, too. And given that the company claims that the average person spends a total of 72 hours each year in search of lost items, attaching a tracking watermelon to your bag may not be a bad idea.

The fruit trackers still boast all of Chipolo’s trademark technology, with a replaceable nine-month battery to ensure that your device will keep you informed for as long as you need. And thanks to its 92-decibel alarm (which you can trigger from your smartphone), you’ll easily be able to locate whatever you’ve misplaced. Chipolo trackers boast a line of sight tracking range of 200 feet, and these devices quickly pair with the Chipolo app on your Android or iPhone. And at just 5mm thick, this tracker won’t weigh you down or become an eyesore.

Part of Chipolo’s effectiveness is due to its Lost and Found network, which is one of the largest in Europe. If ever you lose something, you can turn to other Chipolo users to help you find them. Simply mark your Chipolo as lost, and that will trigger an anonymous alert throughout the system. Should another Chipolo user come near the lost item, its location will be sent to the owner — the finder won’t have to lift a finger (nor will he or she be notified).

The new summer lineup is currently priced at $100 for a four-pack (with free shipping), which is $20 less than its list price. The pack includes all four colorful fruit designs.

Updated on July 24: Added pricing and availability. 

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