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The Cirrus, a revolutionary showerhead, promises to use 75 percent less water

Cirrus Shower
Luxuriating in the shower is certainly a luxury given the environmental impact of running water for minutes on end. But if there were a way to indulge yourself without incurring the wrath of Mother Nature, who could say no? Enter the Cirrus, described as an innovative new shower system that promises to use 75 percent less water than your average shower head thanks to its water-atomizing CloudMaker technology. Claiming to bring you luxurious sensations, water savings, 13 times more thermal efficiency, and 10 times more surface area coverage, the Cirrus may just be what your bathroom has been missing.

Universal to any bathroom, the Cirrus team says its newfangled shower takes just seconds to install. The secret to its efficiency lies in its CloudMaker nozzle, which disperses particles into a “fine, pressurized mist” instead of shooting a jet stream of water at you. That means the Cirrus covers more surface area, getting you cleaner, faster.

This dispersion also helps with the transfer of thermal energy. As the Cirrus team explains on its Indiegogo page, “With a larger amount of individual droplets yielding a larger water surface area, more heat is efficiently transferred to the air as the droplets fall. This means that Cirrus transfers 13 times more thermal energy from your warm water to both you and the air around you, decreasing the amount of heat required to shower.”

The shower system also promises to deliver pure, filtered water, even if your tap isn’t top-notch. The Cirrus comes with NanoFilters that feature three layers of mineralized stones that claim to balance pH levels, filter water impurities away, and add a natural spring water effect for softer, cleaner, and more hydrated skin.

Finally, for the ultimate spa experience, Cirrus comes with curated essential oil blends that can turn your shower into an aromatherapy session. Whenever you are in the mood for some extra relaxation, simply pop in one of these single-use essential oil cartridges for eight minutes of pampering. Whether you want some lavender and bergamot to unwind and help you fall asleep, or lime and mint to help you focus on what lies ahead, Cirrus can help.

The French design of the shower system promises to fit in with any bathroom decor and is fixed by magnets to your bathtub or shower wall. You can back the Cirrus campaign for about $110, with an estimated delivery date in November.

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