Compact KISS espresso machine is made for the ultimate minimalist

compact sized kiss espresso machine is made for the ultimate minimalist line

There are a lot of things out there that are more complicated than it needs to be: assembly instructions, maps, tax forms, to name a few. If it’s one less complex task you need first thing in the morning, it’s making yourself a cup of coffee or espresso to start the day. Who has time to fuss with measuring the coffee beans, grinding said beans, and packing it in a shot? The good news is, if manually making your own coffee isn’t your cup of joe, nothing gets easier than a product that names itself after the KISS principle.

KISS espresso machineObviously inspired by the U.S. navy mantra, the Keep It Simply Swiss espresso machine is an adorably compact appliance that features modern touches, bold colors, and a magnetic cup holder to keep things in place. Measuring just about eight inches tall, the KISS machine uses Europe-based Amici Iperespresso capsules to make a variety of coffee drinks. The design promises a quick and strong drink comparable to more full sized machines, and does it all silently. Customers can even customize the look of their KISS machine, choosing from four grid designs, three capsule holders, and 10 patterns to decorate the water tank. These designs are optional, of course, you don’t have to pick any of them if you prefer a solid, minimalist look.

The Swiss-made machine comes in 11 different colors, ships for free, and has a two-year warranty. Although the KISS is ridiculously pretty, it’s also ridiculously expensive for its size. One machine will cost you $1,935. Suddenly, that free shipping offer seem like a small bargain, don’t it?