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Satisfy your wanderlust and bucket list with these 8 cool Airbnb rentals from around the globe

When Airbnb launched in 2008, the peer-to-peer rental service took the hospitality world by storm. With this newfangled option, no longer were weary wayfarers at the behest of corporate hotel chains and seedy roadside shanties when looking for a place to lay their head. The company even recently announced a high-end variant of the service in an effort to compete with luxury brands and tap into that ever-skeptical boomer market. That said, there are millions of Airbnb listings around the globe, and while most are standard, pragmatic options designed for short stays, there are plenty of more memorable accommodations to choose from. From a quaint capsule that dangles amid the Andes to a posh, retrofitted Airstream that sits in the middle of the Mojave, here are eight cool Airbnb rentals you can stay in right now.

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Skylodge Adventure Suites (Cuzco, Peru)

While acrophobes may want to steer clear of this Airbnb, the more adventurous among us will be hard pressed to top this listing. Nestled in the Peruvian Andes and overlooking the surrounding Sacred Valley of Cuzco, the Skylodge Adventure Suites are a series of “transparent luxury capsules” capable of hosting up to 12 adults per night. However, there is a catch: There are only two ways to reach the Skylodge. Guests can either climb up more than 1,300 feet of mountain or use a series of trails and ziplines to reach the pods. The choice is yours.

Price: $464+ per night


Secluded Intown Treehouse (Atlanta, Georgia)

Airbnb makes it easy to categorize and save dreamy properties using the “Wish List” function. While many of us  probably won’t have the opportunity to fully complete our Airbnb bucket list, it can be satisfying to save these listings just in case. That said, this tiny treehouse in Atlanta, Georgia recently topped Airbnb’s list of most wish-listed properties.

The quaint treehouse consists of three separate rooms, all of which are connected via a series of rope bridges. The Airbnb easily accommodates two adults, and with a nightly rate of just under $400, this property isn’t priced outside of the realm of possibility — or at least feasibility.

Price: $375 per night


The Land Yacht (Joshua Tree, California)

The Land Yacht may not be a smart home on wheels like Chris Pendl’s connected Airstream, however, this swanky camper is one of the raddest Airbnbs we’ve seen. Situated along the northern edge of Joshua Tree National Park, the Land Yacht is a classic Airstream with a renovated interior for the vintage- and aesthetically-minded among us. The rental also comes with a private deck, pool, and plenty of stargazing potential for just $150 a night.

It is important note that this Airbnb is essentially a tin can in the desert, and during the summer months, temperatures can and will easily swell to well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It has been estimated that due to climate change, Joshua Tree may be glaringly-absent of actual Joshua Trees in the coming decades — just in case, you needed another reason to visit this private oasis in the desert sooner rather than later.

Price: $150 per night


Balian Treehouse (Bali, Indonesia)

The aforementioned Wish List feature remains a convenient way for individuals to set aside their favorites Airbnb listings. As it turns out, treehouses top Airbnb’s list of the most wish-listed property types, and this arboreal abode in Bali is one of the more unique listings on the planet. The Balian Treehouse accommodates two guests and comes complete with a veranda, a daybed, and a private pool. You’re also welcome to pick fruits growing around the property, allowing you to quench your thirst for coconuts, lemons, papayas, lemongrass, jackfruit, and passionfruit. If you’re into treehouses, we’ve also curated a list of our favorite treehouses from around the globe.

Price: $97 per night


Bird Island (Placencia, Belize)

As one could imagine, renting a private island can be quite expensive. Thankfully, there’s a slightly more affordable Airbnb nestled along the breezy Caribbean Sea in Placencia, Belize. Set in the middle of an atoll, Bird Island offers plenty of swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking for under $600 a night.

Price: $595 per night


Nimbus Cottage (Padstow, United Kingdom)

If you’ve ever wanted to spend the night in a lighthouse, you’re in luck. The Trevose Head Lighthouse was constructed in 1874 and automated in 1995, and now exists as an Airbnb in the United Kingdom. The Nimbus Cottage allows up to four guests to sleep on-site at the lighthouse in the sleepy town of Padstow. Situated nearly 250 feet above the headland between the Harlyn and Constantine Bay beaches, guests can watch as the fishing boats drift in and out of the nearby harbor.

Price: $195 per night


The Enchanted Cave (Bilpin, Australia)

This Airbnb is situated in the middle of the picturesque Blue Mountains National Park in southeastern Australia. The rental is built into the existing cliffside, and offers near-panoramic views of the surrounding World Heritage Site. Along the backside of the main living quarters is a small door that leads to your own private cave. The property is open to the elements, however, and offers little protection from local wildlife, which may be a deal breaker depending on your penchant for peril.

Price: $900 per night


Vintage van with a view (Akureyri, Iceland)

While a van may not seem like the choicest option for an Airbnb, van rentals ranked third on Airbnb’s most wish-listed property types. And where better to slumber and simultaneously take in the sights than the Land of the Midnight Sun? This vintage van with a view is set along the southeastern edge of the scenic Eyjafjörður fjord, the longest such fjord in the country. As one could imagine, the ’80s Ford Econoline is fairly barebones when it comes to interior amenities and luxuries outside of blankets and running lights. Nonetheless, guests visiting from September through mid-April will have the opportunity to behold the Northern Lights in one of the most optimal locations on Earth.

Price: $90 per night


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