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DT3 Acoustic Sessions: Nico Vega

What began as an idea on how to make better use of our media room quickly bloomed into a venue for bands to come and play a few acoustic sets. In our second outing, we were fortunate enough to catch the LA-based band Nico Vega as their tour took them through our town.

The comparisons are inevitable. With only a drum and a guitar, they are like The White Stripes. As a trio with a female lead singer, they remind people of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Both comparisons are apt, and equally unimaginative. If you are into music, a trio without a bass, and/or a female lead singer is original enough that it is inevitable to draw comparisons to existing acts.  Even if it is slightly unfair.

Despite any passing similarities to current or past acts, Nico Vega sounds both familiar and unique. They bring a passion to their sound that is original, but they are accessible, and have mass appeal that cuts across genres.

Based out of LA, the group began after the lead singer, Aja Volkman left Eugene, Oregon for LA, and began to perform on her own.  In 2005 she was approached by drummer Mike Pena and guitarist Rich Koehler, who convinced her to sing with them, and Nico Vega was born from that meeting. The name is a reference to Pena’s mother, although Pena himself left the band in 2007 to pursue acting and focus on his family, to be replaced by current drummer, Dan Epland.

Since their formation, Nico Vega have released three EPs and a full length, self-titled studio album. After touring for nearly two solid years with bands like Metric, Bush’s Gavin Rossdale and Shiny Toy Guns, Nico Vega is currently in the studio working on their second, as yet untitled album due out early next year.

While recently touring with the band Sweethead, we were lucky enough to have Nico Vega stop by the office and play a few songs, including one, “Human Animal”, that is from their upcoming album. Give them a listen and check out their official page to find out when you can see them in person for yourselves. For now though, please feel free to live vicariously through our website, and enjoy the acoustic sounds of Nico Vega.

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“Human Animal”

“So So Fresh”


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