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Automatic pet feeder will order food from Amazon when you’re running low

easyfeed automatic pet feeder screen shot 2016 08 19 at 2 03 10 pm
If having a pet is a precursor to having a baby, then it’s too bad that all the innovations that are meant to make the life of a pet parents easier haven’t inspired any similar inventions to help out human parents. Take, for example, the EasyFeed from Gosh, the automatic pet feeder that integrates with Amazon to automatically order more food when you’re running low. It’s just too bad you can’t feed your baby with the push of a button, right?

The EasyFeed is an automatic food and water dispenser that not only lets you ensure that your cat or dog is always properly nourished, but also lets you video chat with your furry friend when you’re not at home. Using the companion app, you can set automatic meal times and portion sizes, and even introduce a new food into your pet’s diet. And best of all, you can do these things no matter where in the world you are. Again, something that you just can’t do when you become responsible for another human being.

EasyFeed also makes pet training a bit easier, as the microphone embedded in the automatic feeder lets you practice commands with Fluffy. If they abide by your demands, you can have the snack dispenser reward your good boy or girl with a treat.

And because you’ll be keeping all your food in the Gosh dispenser, rather than having it take up extra room in your pantry, this smart home appliance will know when your pet’s food supply is running dangerously low, and place an order from Amazon as necessary. Really, it’s like you don’t even have to think about your pet-owner responsibilities.

If you’re looking to make taking care of Fido easier than ever, you can order one of these feeders for the early bird price of $125 on Kickstarter. The estimated delivery date is currently sometime in November, so give yourself (and your pet) a Christmas gift that just keeps on giving.

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