eBay Launches More Traditional Shopping

Online auction giant eBay today launched a new Web site which allows U.S. shoppers a way to find new items at fixed prices from qualified eBay merchants. Dubbed eBay Express, the site is in a preview phase right now in which the company is gathering user feedback and making enhancements.

eBay Express is more akin to an Amazon.com in terms of shopping then the traditional eBay auction model. Consumers who typically buy new items, said eBay, and don’t want to have to hassle with an auction-style listing are the targeted market of this new offering. Offerings available to shoppers at the site’s launch span a wide range of items such as apparel, books, computers, consumer electronics and sports memorabilia.

To be a qualified eBay Express merchant, one must sell items at fixed prices and accept PayPal, eBay’s online payment subsidiary. Only sellers with a positive feedback score of 98 percent or higher and total accumulated feedback of 100 points are more are eligible. Multiple items can be purchased from multiple vendors with the new eBay Express, allowing users to pay with a credit card or PayPal via a secure transaction.

“eBay Express is for buyers who prefer a more conventional online shopping experience,” said Bill Cobb, president, eBay North America, in a statement. “We think eBay Express will attract new buyers to eBay and inspire existing buyers to use eBay even more. We’re excited to team up with our most experienced eBay sellers to deliver a simple, easy and convenient shopping experience through eBay Express.”