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Ecovacs’ new Deebot X1 cleans your home and itself

Well-known robot vacuum maker Ecovacs has revealed its newest robot floor cleaner as part of CES 2022: The Ecovacs Deebot X1, and this one is a pretty significant upgrade, with useful new tech.

By now we’re all familiar with robot vacuums and mops, and perhaps even the models that will do both all in one bot. So far these have been super handy automated cleaning helpers, but their biggest downside has been the maintenance; if you don’t empty your bot’s onboard dustbin daily, or refill the water tank, they aren’t as effective. So far, manufacturers have made them capable of evacuating the dustbin all on their own, but the mopping maintenance has been elusive. Until now.

Ecovacs Deebot robovac on a hardwood floor.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Ecovacs Deebot X1 will not only automatically vacuum and mop, but it also empties debris, washes, dries, and refills the mop all by itself. The Deebot X1 has what’s dubbed the Omni Station which will take on these tasks, automatically emptying dirt and dust, as well as self-cleaning and even drying the mop. Then it’ll refill the tank with clean water — and you don’t have to do a thing. This new level of technology doesn’t come cheap: Deebot X1 will have a list price of $1,549. An X1 Turbo version and X1 Plus model will be smaller and less feature-packed, priced at $1,349 and $1,149 respectively.

Promotional image of three new Ecovacs Deebot cleaning systems.
X1 Family Image used with permission by copyright holder

Ecovacs’ newer lineup of floor cleaning bots are often both vacuums and mops, and already use smart scheduling, carpet avoidance (when the mopping plate is attached) and they have effective object recognition and hazard avoidance, alongside automated voice control, but the revelation this newest bot will essentially take care of all the maintenance and day-to-day upkeep for you, is tempting.

Also as part of the Ecovacs Deebot X1 is Yiko, a natural language processing (NLP) technology that can hear and understand your commands without an extra device like an Amazon Echo or Google Hub, meaning you’re now talking directly to your robot.

While it’s fair to say the vast majority of floor cleaning bots put design pretty far down the feature list, Ecovacs asked Bang & Olufsen’s designer to handle the looks of the Deebot X1, so it sports a sleek two-tone black and white design and a maintenance station that looks more like a high-end garage than a wastebasket. A special all-white model will be available only directly from Ecovacs.

“The Deebot X1 family was inspired by the design elements of a sports car, with modern, minimalist design that matches any home decor and looks like a work of art — not a bulky cleaning tool,” says the company’s news release.

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