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Pair your smart mattress with Eight Sleep’s A.I.-powered Sleep Coach

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For something so important, it can really be quite hard to get. We’re talking, of course, about a good night’s sleep. But between all the blue screens we have around us and the not-quite-comfortable mattresses we attempt to sleep on for eight hours, feeling fully rested can be a challenge in and of itself. But it’s a challenge the team at Eight Sleep is ready to take on. Back in 2016, the company launched the Smart Mattress to help us get some shut-eye, and now, two years later, it’s back with an A.I.-powered personal sleep coach.

Available now in the Eight iOS and Android apps, this new companion app will complement your existing Smart Mattress, and leverages the 2.5 million nights of sleep data the company has tracked thus far. Eight has taken this data and run it through its own neural networks to create real-time benchmarks of individuals’ sleep based on their own sleeping patterns and other key metrics, including gender, age, and location. Insights are then turned into action, as the app provides directions as to how to improve sleep.

“Sleep deprivation is costing the U.S. economy $400 billion each year. The A.I.-powered Sleep Coach is our answer to this,” Eight co-founder and CEO Matteo Franceschetti said. “Thanks to the accuracy and volume of data that we gather, we are able to offer users unique insights into their sleep unlike any other consumer product in the market. This is just the start of seeing our vision realized, of a future in which technology and data make health care more scientific and consistent.”

Now, once you sleep on your Eight Smart Mattress, you’ll automatically have access to your data from the new Sleep Coach. All insights will be displayed in the Eight app, and will be adjusted based on your sleep patterns. You may get feedback like, “Great job! You got 7 hours and 43 minutes of sleep last night. That is 30 minutes more than your average this month.”

Or, “You sleep like a rock! This week you’ve tossed and turned on average 10 times per night. This is much lower than the average for people your age, which is 25 toss and turns per night.”

Or perhaps, “Your percentage of REM sleep was 15% last night. This is lower than the healthy range of 20-25%. Lack of REM is caused by lack of sleep and can lead to fatigue and in the long-term memory loss. Try sleeping 30 minutes more tonight.”

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about donning a wearable or doing anything special to access these insights — the Smart  Mattress and Sleep Coach integrate automatically to your benefit.

The company’s first foray into the realm of sleep came with its sleep tracker, which was launched in early 2014. Now sold to customers in over 50 countries, the sleep tracker promises to “finely differentiate and track movement, bed and room temperature, breathing rate, heart rate,” and thereby “infer sleep stages, sleep quality, time slept, and more” to provide its wearer with the information he or she needs to get a better night’s sleep.

A couple of years later, Eight Sleep took things a step further. Its mattress replaces traditional un-smart mattresses by combining higher comfort with breakthrough technology. Designed with four layers of responsive and high-density foam (to keep you cozy), and a technology layer (to keep you informed), this is one mattress you probably won’t want to leave in the morning.

As for the smart capabilities, the Eight Smart Mattress tracks over 15 sleep factors, including heart rate, breathing rate, deep and light sleep, time slept, and tosses and turns. The mattress actually allows for two people’s sleep to be tracked at the same time, and can also be controlled to suit both your and your bedfellow’s preferences. For example, if you prefer to sleep in a slightly colder environment but your partner wants it a bit warmer, the mattress can accommodate you both. Moreover, the mattress itself serves as an alarm, and promises to “wake you up with the right time with a smart alarm, which senses when you’re in a stage of light sleep.”

And because this is the 21st century and all our appliances are connected, this mattress can communicate with your lights, your door lock, your coffee machine, and thermostat. Because really, you should stay in bed for as long as humanly possible.

“The reason we’ve moved onto building a better bed is that through analysis of millions of hours of sleep data from over 10,000 users, it’s become apparent that bed quality is very important to good sleep, and that there was opportunity to design a better mattress,” said Alexandra Zatarain, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Eight Sleep. “And so we’ve designed a mattress built for the highest comfort, with a smart layer embedded right in.”

The smart mattress from Eight Sleep starts at $699, with prices varying by bed size.

Updated on June 20: Added news about the new A.I.-powered Sleep Coach from Eight.

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