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Eve’s latest products aren’t sexy, but they’ll make your house smarter

The smart home products that tend to make the biggest splash are high-tech devices and appliances with tons of bells and whistles. Those devices are great, but let’s be real — in your day-to-day life, those aren’t what you spend most of your time interacting with. Managing the devices in your home has more to do with flipping switches and plugging in cords than anything else, and that’s why Eve’s new lineup of products announced at IFA 2018 should be welcome into your home.

While you might not find a connected washing machine or security camera coming from Eve this year, you will find smarter versions of the type of accessories that you have all over your house. The company rolled out a smart light switch, light strip, and power strip — all of which are easy to integrate into any smart home, whether it’s your first step into the future or one of many internet-connected appliances in your house.

The Eve Light Switch acts as any other light switch would, but comes with some new ways to interact with the lighting situation around your house. Like previous Eve products, the switch can be controlled via Eve’s app or connected to Apple devices via the company’s HomeKit, which enables all sorts of features. Set up schedules and rules that will automatically handle lighting for you, or make changes with voice commands by asking Siri to toggle the lights.

Adding to the company’s interest in lighting up your home is the Eve Light Strip. The two-meter long strip of tiny LED lights can produce any number of custom lighting experiences. Choose from a range of pre-installed lighting sequences or choose your own colors. Like the company’s Light Switch, the Light Strip is also HomeKit-compatible so you can integrate it into your smart home.

Finally, there’s the Eve Power Strip. As you might imagine, the accessory allows you to plug in several devices into the single hub and control them individually. The Power Strip can handle up to three devices at once, and allows you to set up schedules or control remotely when said devices should be turned on and off.

Eve announced the Light Switch will retail for about $115 while the Light Strip will run about $80. No word yet on the price of the Eve Power Strip. All of the products are expected to be available directly from Eve as well as through Amazon and other retailers later this year.

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