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EverCam is a wire-free security cam with a battery that lasts a year

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The EverCam is now known as the EufyCam, and you can read our full review.

Nowadays, installing a home security system is so easy and affordable that more and more people are setting up cameras inside and around their homes. Wireless security cameras are convenient because you don’t have to deal with pesky wires, and while wired security cameras rely on your home’s electricity to stay on, wireless cameras function with a battery, so they’ll continue operating even in the event of a power outage. The problem with some wireless cameras? Their batteries die, and you have to remember to replace them every so often. Enter EverCam, a wireless security camera with a battery that lasts a full year.

This Kickstarter-funded product has taken in $627,564 from 1,990 backers at the time of this writing. The original funding goal was $50,000. And there are still 59 days left before the campaign’s deadline is up. Before pledging money to any Kickstarter project, be sure to research the potential pitfalls.

How are EverCam’s batteries able to last a full year? EverCam partnered wth Anker, an industry-leading company in charging technology, to increase the efficiency and longevity of their batteries. On standby mode, EverCam’s batteries can actually last for three whole years. EverCam also offers live-streaming capabilities, allowing you to tune in from anywhere using a mobile device. You’ll get crystal-clear image quality, thanks to 1080p full HD video footage. It’s also totally wire-free, with no need for any power cables or wall outlets.

The camera also features built-in facial-recognition technology, which helps to prevent birds, dogs, stray leaves, and other things from accidentally triggering the alert system and sending you a false alarm. The facial-recognition feature also allows you to register the faces of family, friends, neighbors, and other people whom you trust; this ensures your daughter coming home from school or neighbor coming to water your plants won’t trigger your alarm. Setup is also designed to be simple. Simply attach the EverCam to any flat surface, and you’re good to go.

According to EverCam, only three in 10 homes have security cameras The company is aiming to make it easier for homeowners to install a hassle-free, convenient security solution in their houses.

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