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This killer Halloween blender blood recipe is to die for

Perfect Fake Blood - Cool Science Experiment
Halloween is fast approaching and that means it’s time for all of those fun (albeit gory) costume projects your kids want to undertake for the spookiest night of the year. Among the most requested costume accessories will no doubt be fake blood, and we’ve got you covered on that.

Many parents may be looking for an edible or at least safe-to-ingest fake blood recipe as an alternative to the products available in stores. The team over at Steve Spangler Science has put together this killer recipe for fake blood that will not only look incredibly real but won’t be harmful if your little ones end up with some in their mouths.

Steve Spangler Science notes that a key thing to remember when making your own fake blood at home is that what the blood looks like in the blender is not what it will look like once it is applied to your skin or clothes. This is a key mistake that many make when trying to create their own fake blood. The good new is that making fake blood that looks real when in use is as simple as mixing two easy-to-find ingredients.

Those ingredients are cocoa powder (or chocolate syrup) and green food coloring. You may be asking yourself why these would be the key to good fake blood, and the answer lies in what our blood really looks like. It is not simply red liquid; in reality, it’s more of a murky brownish-red color and this is what the cocoa and green food coloring succeed in bringing out in the concoction.

For those interested, you can find the full blender blood recipe over on the Steve Spangler Science website, here.

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