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Did you forget to water your plants? This smart watering can will remind you

freiya is a smart watering can that may save your plants
Green thumb dreams may come true with Freiya, a Bluetooth-enabled watering can that keeps track of your flowers and reminds you to hydrate them.

Does your plant life sport brown, curly-edged leaves? Along with Freiya’s smartphone (iOS and Android) app, and the can takes the guesswork out of keeping your greenery alive. Input your plant types, and Freiya references a database to find watering guidelines and create an appropriate schedule. It will notify you whenever one or more plants need watering, then, based on motion-detection, it can tell how much H2O you’ve distributed to each.

Unlike something like the Parrot Flower Power or the Daisy Sensor, which nestle right into the soil in the pots, the watering can doesn’t know the nitty gritty details of each plant. Because it functions without external sensors, the can’s watering schedules are based on the weather in your area and the plant type. It won’t be as accurate, but it can work for several plants instead of just one.

Freiya Smart Watering Can AppJetting out of town? Freiya can share data with other family members or friends, easing plant-sitting responsibilities. You can also access information on plant care and fertilizer usage from the app.

Hatched out of a Swedish incubator workshop, the lithium-battery-operated Freiya is both ergonomically and aesthetically designed.

Having raised nearly $7,000 of the $48,000 goal on Kickstarter, Freiya’s team is striving for a November delivery date. If you act fast, you can order the 1.5-liter can for $70; its retail price will then be $120.

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