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Electrolux debuts new Frigidaire dishwashers and a great glass fridge

Have you ever noticed your plastic dishes are still wet when your dishwasher’s cycle ends, and you’re ready to put them away? Many modern appliances did away with heating elements in favor of condenser drying. It’s more efficient, but it doesn’t always get the job done, especially when it comes to plastic. Electrolux hopes to solve the problem with its new line of dishwashers, which it debuted at KBIS 2017, a kitchen and bath show being held in Orlando this week.

Three new models — the Frigidaire Gallery 24-inch ($899), Frigidaire Professional Solaro 2.0 ($1,099), and Electrolux Solaro 2.0 ($1,099) dishwashers — will have new technology that helps dry dishes better. The two Frigidaires will have EvenDry, which uses a fan to help pull moisture out during the drying cycle. The Electrolux will circulate air with its Perfect Dry system. Electrolux says the dishwashers will also offer better cleaning coverage, with a new wash system for the Frigidaire models and improves spray arm for the Electrolux Solaro 2.0. They’ll all be coming to market in April 2017.

On the fridge side, Electrolux is taking a cue from LG with its Frigidaire Professional Glass Door Refrigerator. With LG’s $8,500 InstaView, you knock on the black surface, and lights come on, revealing the milk, soda, and cream cheese contained within. The 19-cubic-foot capacity Frigidaire fridge works with proximity sensors, so you just have to step in front of it for the interior lights to illuminate. It turns opaque when you leave, so you don’t have to keep everything in tip-top shape.

Electrolux is also getting into the black stainless steel trend with its new Frigidaire Gallery line. Eight appliances, from a dishwasher to wall ovens to a microwave to ranges, will be available in the material starting in June of this year.

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