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Genius Kitchen adds new content to inspire and educate your culinary mind

After a successful debut, Genius Kitchen is adding new content for 2018

Genius Kitchen
There is no reason for you to ever be lonely in your kitchen again, thanks to programming on Genius Kitchen. The food-focused “multiplatform digital-media brand” is comprised of original shows, recipe and cooking demonstrations, and everything else you might need to whet your appetite. Part of the Scripps Lifestyle Studios, Genius Kitchen has just announced that it will feature more than 40 hours of additional on-demand content in early 2018. Because clearly, folks can’t get enough of the fun, quirky series.

“After we launched in October, we saw a huge group of passionate viewers respond positively to the content and ask for another helping,” said Rich Lacy, Senior Vice President of Digital Brand Creative at Scripps Lifestyle Studios. “Our content is always tailored to the diverse array of experiences that young people look for when they watch video, and we look forward to providing more of what they like and expect on their digital platforms.”

Genius Kitchen is hoping to endear itself to millennial viewers by providing content just about everywhere they might be. And with content that is easily accessible to both the beginner cook and the gourmand, this might just be the way to get folks to stay in and cook instead of heading to a restaurant or ordering takeout.

“With Genius Kitchen, we set out to develop content that was inherently social and work with talent that could truly connect with young audiences,” Lacy noted. “This unique, seamless experience explores not only great food, but also the people and fun surrounding it.”

So what can you expect from Genius Kitchen this year? First off is new content from chef Jamie Oliver and his program Super Food. In its U.S. debut on the Genius Kitchen platform, the show will follow Jamie as he travels to Greece, Costa Rica, and the rest of the world to share healthy cooking tips that anyone and everyone can enjoy.

Comedian Courtney Rada will also be returning as the host of Carnivorous with new content out in February. You can watch her try brisket in Dallas, sausage in Chicago, and even goat meatballs in Vermont. Then, there will be new content from Mr. Churchill, who will be making meals for none other than Olympic skier, Lindsey Vonn during the Winter Olympic Games as part of his series Feast with Friends. Also back for more fun will be Famous Food Truck and Pop Culture Baking Class — new videos will be out for both series this spring.

In addition to original shows, you can also check out legacy programs like those featuring Anthony Bourdain. Plus, viewers will have access to more than 500,000 recipes from, any one of which can be delivered straight to a mobile device.

So while you’re watching a Galaxy Cake being made on Pop Culture Baking Class or salivating over shrimp pad thai from Genius Kitchen Recipes, you can get all the instructions you need to stop spectating and start doing. Recipes also tend to feature pop culture references, like emoji macarons, unicorn cake truffles, and more.

You can check out the entire suite of offerings at Genius Kitchen’s website, and get some help injecting some fun back into your cooking routine.

Update: Genius Kitchen adds new content for 2018. 

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