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Go big or GoBone: PulsePet introduces first ‘smartbone’ for dogs

If you feel guilty leaving your canine friend behind when you leave the house or don’t have the energy for a walk, your conscience will soon be clear. PulsePet on Monday launched a presale for its new smartbone, an app-controlled dog toy that keeps your pet moving and having fun, even when you’re not around.

Dog owners are able to insert food or treats into the GoBone, and then it works automatically. The device can move around the floor on its own, inspiring the dog to chase it, chew on it, make it squeak, or try to get the treats. GoBone even makes adjustments to its behavior depending on the dog’s age, weight, breed, and play style to keep them active longer. With a battery life of eight hours, the smartbone can keep a pet company for long stretches when it would otherwise be alone.

The idea came from Santiago Gutierrez, PulsePet’s CEO and founder, who is a dog owner himself. He didn’t like the idea of his dog feeling bored, lonely, and stressed while he was gone, so he got creative. Not only was he able to come up with an idea that addressed the issue, he found that it had other benefits as well.

“When I created the GoBone, my original goal was to keep my dog entertained while he was home alone,” said Gutierrez in a statement. “But then I realized the GoBone could also be used to improve the bond between owners and their pets through interactive games they can play together.”

Used in conjunction with the app, the GoBone also serves as entertainment for both human and dog. The toy can be switched from autonomous to manual mode, giving owners control over the smartbone so they can engage their dogs themselves. The option sounds ideal for those days where you just can’t motivate yourself to get off the couch.

In addition to providing hours of entertainment, GoBone — which is made using FDA food-grade, eco-friendly materials — is both pet-safe and durable.

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