Halo LED belt increases cyclist visibility at night

halo led belt cyclist

In many cities, cyclists are required to have rear lights outfitted to their bikes in order to ride safely on the streets, especially during sundown. So why not take safety a step further into fashion by making it cool to promote good behavior? The Halo LED belt achieves both by allowing wearers to wear LED light as a belt, increasing his or her visibility on the road. 

So you may ask: why not just get bike lights? According to city laws around the world, light lumen limits vary — which make it difficult to have the same light be legal across all borders. Bike lights are also the subject of a thief’s desire. By wearing the safety light on you, you’re always visible and never run the risk of someone stealing your lights… unless, of course, you’re just entirely robbed out of your outfit. 

halo led belt for cyclistsThe Halo LED belt is also great for other types of land commuters, such as skateboarders or joggers, to be seen on the streets at night. The belt is a battery-powered gear that runs on two CR2025’s and lasts up to 20 hours of consecutive use, or 75 hours non-consecutive. Users also have the option of switching between three light modes: strobe, solid, or flash. The product started out as a Kickstarter project which asked for a rather measly $5,000… and ended up crowdfunding more than $53,000.

Designed for universal use, the belt can fit anywhere from a women’s size 0 to men’s size 38 waist. Even if you’re not a cyclist, the belt looks cool enough to wander the streets in or catch some attention inside a dark bar. Some of the promotional photos also show basketball players wearing the belt in the dark, which can help you classify teammates if you play in the park at night. You can even wear it around your shoulders if you want extra visibility — whether on the road or just roaming the streets.

You can purchase the Halo LED belt now in a choice of four colors — red, blue, green, and yellow — for $85. The belt is estimated for an October delivery.