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Lighten up: Ario’s new lamp mimics the sun to support your body clock

Sunlight changes throughout the day, so why shouldn’t your indoor lights? Using research from Harvard Medical School, NASA, and the National Institute of Health, Ario has created what it is calling “the world’s first healthy connected lamp.” Like the sun, the lighting system changes light color and direction as the day goes on.

Since light influences our body clock, energy levels, and sleep, the Ario lamp is designed to monitor users’ sleep and personalize its schedule. Once connected to a Wi-Fi network, the smart device can determine the geographic location, the time of day, season, and local weather patterns for where the user lives. It initially bases its lighting patterns and settings on that information, but as it learns about specific users’ sleeping habits, it adjusts accordingly.

In general, bright, blue-rich light, known for being energizing, is used in the morning, which is meant to put more pep in your step as you start your day. As evening hits, the lamp shifts to amber light, which encourages relaxation and melatonin production, so that you’ll sleep better. Additionally, light is cast up in the morning and down in the evening.

According to Ario, a healthy lighting system can help your body clock remain in sync. “When I learned the power light has to influence our health, how strong the science is, and what’s on the market, I knew I had to create a healthier lighting solution,” said Ario co-founder and CTO Dale Dell’Ario in a press release.

The Ario lamp, which works both with or without a mobile device, is 60 inches tall and 13 inches in diameter. It uses eco-friendly LEDs, which last over 20 years. A Kickstarter launched today with the goal of raising $50,000. There are still a few $199 deals left, then the price goes up to $249.

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