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Hearth Lounge heated outdoor furniture keeps you warm under the stars

Hearth Lounge heated chair
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Tonight, when you head out to the porch to catch the fireworks, leave behind that oversized blanket. Why fuss with the extra accessories when the Hearth Lounge is all you need to stay warm and cozy under the stars? Created by designer duo Galanter & Jones, the Hearth Lounge is one of the neatest heated outdoor furniture lines we’ve seen. It’s contemporary, sleek, ergonomic, and heats everyone who takes a seat and not just the person who’s unashamed to wear a Snuggie.

Helios hearth lounge heated chairTake for example the Helios bench. The designers say this piece of seating only needs as much energy as a hair dryer to warm the entire bench, billing itself as something like a dry hot tub. The inspiration, however, didn’t come from a beauty appliance or a bachelor’s pad accessory. Instead, Aaron Jones says heated floors and mattress pads were key muses for the chair – which consumes approximately 1,500 watts for a four-seater. The internal heating plates also regulate temperature on and off to minimize energy usage and maintain a comfortable warmth level. Unfortunately, for all this heating magic to work, you will have to plug the chair into an outlet – so better get yourself and extended power cord.

The Helios is available in five different colors and contains a cast stone surface, a feature the designers say works optimally for both heating and seating. The young designers also sourced material for the furniture line within the states, such as concrete from Oakland and steel base from Newark, and assembled each piece in San Francisco. Can you say American pride?

The Hearth Lounge Helios bench is available today for $4,900.

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