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HomeValet launches the Smart Box, a secure container for all your deliveries

HomeValet is a company attempting to modernize the home delivery experience. It just announced the launch of its Smart Box and app, a device that delivers a contactless and secure place to store your groceries and packages.

If you haven’t heard of HomeValet, they’ve been a leader in contactless home delivery for years now. They create outdoor containers for delivery drivers to place your orders in when you aren’t home or don’t want to interact with others — something seen more with today’s pandemic climate.

A top down of the HomeValet Smart Box and app.

Today, HomeValet announced its new Smart Box, a first-of-its-kind container with an associated app. It’s secure, temperature-controlled, and internet-connected, and is intended to be left outside your front door to receive packages and deliveries. The Smart Box is a nearly waist-high and deep receptacle. It has an integrated lock and an internal camera. There’s also a security anchor so you can tether your Smart Box to your home through sturdy screws or a heavy chain. As a result, it’ll be hard for someone to break into or steal your Smart Box, especially without you knowing.

You control the Smart Box via the HomeValet app. You can download the app now on the App Store and Google Play Store for free. To use the service, though, including changing and monitoring temperatures, locking the Smart Box, and watching through the camera, you’ll need to pay a $15 per month fee. In addition, the Smart Box itself requires an initial down payment of $50 to reserve.

HomeValet is partnering with Walmart to provide the product and service to Walmart InHome customers first, this January — a wider consumer availability will be announced later this year. In addition, InHome customers enjoy a special introductory price and get early delivery for their orders.

With the Smart Box and the app, HomeValet has given you more convenience and peace of mind for your deliveries. You no longer have to wait for your special deliveries to get to your door or worry that dropped-off groceries will expire. Instead, the Smart Box has taken care of all your needs. To reserve and pre-order your Smart Box, check out the HomeValet website.

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