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How to go camping this year and still keep it geeky

FieldCandy Board Tent

So you’re a proud geek who isn’t afraid to show your infinite knowledge of the web. That’s cool. Why not display your hardcore love for all things tech by going camping this year in a tent inspired to look like a computer circuit board?

FieldCandy, known for producing many design-printed tents, has released a new tent that brings out the geek in all of us. The design, by Alex Kruglov, brings a little story about how robots live in these circuits and the board is technically a tiny robot city. Aw! That’s a story any geek could love, but sad to think about when the tent shields us from the rain and end up getting all those imaginary robot shocked away in a sad rainstorm. So perhaps let’s not think about that and worry about how you’re going to use this tent.

The standard tent size comfortably sleeps two, so this could work as a romantic getaway for you and your nerdy lover. It’s made with 100 percent breathable cotton to give you a good rest in a comfortable, protected setting. This limited edition Board tent is one out of 195, so if you are liking what you see, you can purchase it on the FieldCandy official site for $795.

FieldCandy Fully Booked TentThe company also offers a bunch of other great designs if the circuit board seems a little too extreme. Some of our favorites include the Fully Booked tent, which is made to look like a standing book, and Picnic Perfect, which looks like a giant sandwich. Absurd? Yeah. Totally awesome? Tell me someone isn’t going to be jealous of you sleeping in a tent that looks pretty darn delicious. Check out more designs to fit your personal taste on the FieldCandy catalog.

All tent materials are made to pass the United States and European environmental regulation standards for recyclable materials, so your tent is also healthy to the environment once you wear it out. The tent also folds back into a carrying size that fits into a lockable storage pouch. Now, you can look great and also feel it as you connect with the great outdoors.

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