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Light up your bathroom with IllumiSoap for all those midnight toilet runs

illumiSoap: Night Light Soap Dispenser (by illumiBowl)
Going to the bathroom in the dark of night is already hard enough. Getting your hands clean afterwards doesn’t need to be any harder. Luckily, the makers of IllumiSoap agree, which is why they’ve created what they describe as “the world’s first motion-activated soap dispenser night light.” The team behind this luminescent dispenser is, in fact, the same one behind the Illumibowl toilet night light, which as you might suspect, lights up your toilet bowl when you’re making a midnight trip to the bathroom. The IllumiSoap, then, completes your well-lit bathroom decor.

Calling the IllumiSoap a “labor of love,” the bathroom-obsessed team noted on its Kickstarter page that it has spent the last three years “hard at work to find new and exciting ways to help you upgrade your home and illuminate it 21st century style.” And apparently, that includes a soap dispenser that can be lit up in eight different colors, either on a rotating cycle, or with consistency.

The secret behind the illumination is a circuit board that’s been integrated directly into the soap dispenser in a manner that allows for full motion-sensor and LED functionality. But at the same time, the team wanted to ensure that this dispenser would be one that homeowners would be proud to display in their bathrooms.

As such, they landed on a sleek design that is innocuous enough during the day, but turns into a party at night. The brightness of your IllumiSoap can be set to three different modes, so you can choose just how bright you want your bathroom when you’re washing your hands. The IllumiSoap is water resistant and promises to work with all gel soaps, and is powered by three AAA batteries.

With four weeks left in their campaign, the IllumiSoap team has already raised nearly $20,000, and you can pre-order one of these dispensers yourself for $15. Delivery is expected for August of this year.

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