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Want to put your best face forward? Use Juno, a smart mirror

Your mirror might be lying to you. Well, not lying per se, but not telling the whole truth, either. After all, if your reflective surface doesn’t benefit from the best lighting or can’t really adjust hues, how accurate of a reflection of real life are you really getting? Here to solve that problem is the Juno Mirror, described as a “smart makeup mirror” that allows you to make adjustments as needed to satisfy those finicky (but important) details.

Whether you’re a beauty blogger or just interested in putting your best face forward, the Juno and its various lighting options can help. With three different mirror settings, you can set the mirror to reflect either daylight, sunlight, or evening light conditions. And thanks to the companion smartphone app, users can even save their preferred setting so that it’s always on the right one. The app also uses your phone’s sensor to “detect the lighting in the surrounding environment outside of your home,” Juno’s website claims. That means the smart mirror can “auto-adjust itself to find the best light.”

For those who might be a bit more serious about makeup, the Juno can also function as a professional lighting system. In fact, the mirror promises the “latest studio lighting technology,” so you can shoot your next makeup tutorial with confidence.

Even when you’re not using it as a mirror, the Juno can come in handy. Its clever design allows it to transform into a reading light with nothing more than the flick of your wrist, and the adjustable face of the mirror means that you can see yourself from practically any angle. Furthermore, with its removable magnification mirrors, you can boost magnification up to five times.

The Juno functions by way of rechargeable batteries that can last up to a week on a single charge, and the mirror is light enough to travel easily with you no matter where you’re headed. The Juno is expected to retail for $79 when it hits shelves, but Kickstarter backers can grab the mirror for the early bird price of just $39 when it launches.

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